Questionnaire from my daughters India and Tianna

India: Your first music concert?

Me: “The Ruts” a niche punk band, only hit Babylons Burning

India: biggest lie you ever told?

Me: I’m you father!!   .. really!! still love you though…

India: Thanks Paps!

Tianna: haha..knew that!

India: What is your greatest work achievement?

Me: Being able to work in this industry is very cool, I never believed I would be able to make a living from doing something I would do as a hobby!

Tianna: Who or what inspires you?

Me: Everything…the weather, places, art directors, movies, other photographers,  people can be very inspiring for doing amazing things, I never stop being inspired by weird and creative ideas.

India: What would you have done if it wasn’t photography?

Me: As you know I would have been a pilot like grandpa, but my colour blindness stopped that..awkward seeing as I do photography now!! Love Quantum mechanics does that all work??

Tianna: Who would be your celebrity wife?

Me: Liv Tyler could be the lucky girl if she played her cards right!!

India: Wow you are punching way too high there!

Tianna: What would be your dream commission?

Me: Couldn’t possibly answer that..but anyone who might commission me to go to Antarctica would be awesome.

India: What is the most dangerous thing you ever did?

Me: I’m not sure, things I did when I was younger seem dangerous now; however I crossed the sahara desert on a camel, would have been pretty edgy if I had lost contact with my Tuareg guide.

India: Do you have any phobias?

Me: Heights..totally irrational but hate heights! Although when I work from helicopters I forget about it…luckily.

Tianna: Your favourite sport?

Me: Rugby and cycling .

India: Would you liked to have been a woman?

Me: Interesting with you and Tianna and Mama..think we’ve got girl power covered I’m good as I am thanks!

India: Favourite Country ?

Me: Possibly Iceland, Namibia or India all are so beautiful.

India: Is that where my name came from?

Me: yeah..lucky you could have been Myanmar! 

India: How long have you worked with Dave?

Me: I don’t know, 20 years at least, he has always been my assistant and now he is a qualified drone pilot, so he keeps making himself indispensable .. he is also the funniest person I know which helps!!

Tianna: Why don’t you have a tattoo?

Me: Not sure, never been in the wrong place at the wrong time..and not sure what it would be .. possibly get the Fibonacci sequence it describes the beauty of the natural world so well…pretentious huh?

India: Everyone you work with gets a nickname what is yours?

Me: Ha ..Risky!  blame Mama for that.

Tianna: What would you rescue from our burning house?

Me: Are you planning a party??  Just you girls ..oh and maybe my Aston!! 

India: What makes you angry?

Me: Politics and watching Rugby!

Tianna:  What scares you?

Me: How quickly you both grew up..and how old I got!